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By Construction Safety Association of Manitoba

INDICATOR provides services, workplace resources and training materials developed by the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba to support leaders in creating action plans to enhance safety program performance and build a stronger safety culture.

Benchmarking Scores

The results of the Construction Safety Performance Survey that was completed for your organizations Occupational Safety & Health policies and practices are available in your personalized benchmarking report that compares your organization’s results to others in Manitoba’s construction industry.

Take Surveys Online

All organizations are invited to take the Construction Safety Performance Survey directly on CSAM’s INDICATOR dashboard.

You will immediately receive results and be able to compare them to industry benchmarks. INDICATOR will enable you to track improvement over time.

Various Graph Types

Your Construction Safety Performance Survey results show your organization’s scores for each of the survey measures, based on your answers. Your data was benchmarked against other organizations in your WCB classification (rate group) and all construction businesses in CSAM.

Industry and Regional Line Graphs are generated by your organization’s benchmarking report to allow you to compare your data with similar industries and regional areas.