Home Page

This is the home page, with two options to go to the dashboard or to login.


On this page you can login using your credentials or select one of the three other options: Forgot password, register new Employer or register new company Representative

Register New Employer

On this page you can register a new company on this page. Company Information and User Information are required.

Register New Company Representative

On this page you can register a New Company Representative. Company Invitation Code is required.

Dashboard Instructions

Learn how to use it.

Go to the top

Dashboard Menu

This has all the options the dashboard offers.

Start up Dashboard Page

The Start Up page will display the dashboard menu, the dashboard and graph view.

Graph View

The Graph View provides a comparison between selected survey, my company, my industry and all industry in a line graph.

Table View

The Table View provides the company’s score. The table presents an average score for each measure. The colour coding (green, yellow or red) indicates the company’s rating as a percent of the total possible score.

Survey Info

To start a new survey a name can be added and a region code can be selected.

Survey History

The Survey History lists all the completed surveys for one company. The completed surveys are listed in chronological order with the most recently completed survey first.

Account Activation

The Account Activation page allows accounts and representatives to be activated or deactivated based on the permissions of the individual logged in.

My Profile

My Profile page allows your profile information to be edited and updated as required.

Company Profile

Company Profile page allows your company profile information to be edited and updated as required.


To help with the development of the Indicator dashboard we ask you to provide us with your comments and questions as well as items you would like to see added to the system.